At COOLA, every formula is made with as many sustainably farmed, certified organic ingredients  as possible—at least 70%+ in everything we make. 

We believe that every time you apply healthy skincare, it should not only benefit your skin but  also the environment. As part of our core values, we hold ourselves to a higher standard when  formulating all our products, including face sunscreen, organic body suncare products, and  sunscreen lotion—providing you with the best in skincare while safeguarding the planet. 


What Is Organic Skincare? 

The term “organic skincare” refers to the fact that the ingredients in a product are grown  organically. This means that synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are not used in the farming  process of those ingredients.  

At COOLA, at least 70% of every formula consists of certified organic ingredients.


COOLA is California COPA Organic

Currently, there is no body that regulates the term “organic” for use in the personal care  category. Because of that, many states establish their own definitions or thresholds for what  constitutes an “organic” product. 

COOLA abides by the California COPA Organic definition. The California Organic Products Act  (COPA) states that 70%+ or more of every formula be made of certified organic ingredients to  be considered an organic product. These are the strictest standards in the nation for organic  personal care, because unlike other standards (i.e. NSF, QAI, etc.), the definition does not  exclude mineral actives, making our base formulas up to 99% certified organic. 


What’s In the Rest of the Formula? 

The term “organic” refers to a very specific way of farming. Even if an ingredient is natural, it  may not be considered organic.  

A significant portion of COOLA’s product line is sun protection. Sunscreen is an OTC (over-the counter) drug in the United States, which means that the FDA establishes conditions under  which a product may be sold without an approved drug application. Only certain approved  active ingredients are allowed to be used for products like sunscreen or skin protectants.  Sunscreen filters are not plant-based, so they can never be organic. Additionally, in order to  maintain the stability and safety of a product, certain types of ingredients like emulsifiers or  naturally derived preservatives are required to hold the formula together and effectively deliver  its benefits.  

Regardless of whether an ingredient is organic or not, it must always meet COOLA’s strict “no list,” which excludes ingredients that are banned in other countries or may be questionable.  COOLA is proud that 100% of our products meet EU personal care standards, which exclude over 1600+ chemicals.  

For details on our no-list, please refer to our standards. 


What Are the Benefits of Organic Skincare? 

There are many benefits to using organic sunscreen and skincare products. 

  • Environmental Friendliness: Organic skincare benefits the environment, including reefs, oceans,  and waterways, by reducing water pollution caused by fertilizer runoff and farm waste,  according to the EPA. Additionally, organic farming's avoidance of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers greatly reduces toxic runoff into oceans and is proven to use 45% less energy, release 40% less carbon emissions, and foster 30% more biodiversity, as supported by the UN.
  • Nutrient-Rich: Organic products are rich in nutrients, making them healthier and more  nourishing for the skin. Multiple scientific studies have found that organic ingredients provide  significantly greater levels of nutrient content, including vitamin C, antioxidants, and Omega-3  fatty acids.
  • Reduced Toxins: Organic ingredients contain significantly fewer pesticide residues and toxic  chemicals, reducing exposure to potential toxins when applied to your body’s largest organ— your skin. 
  • Transparency: "Organic" is a regulated term, so you can rest assured that you know what you're applying to your skin—unlike subjective terms like "natural," "clean," or "green."
  • Certification: Organic skincare ingredients require certification by third-party USDA-accredited  certifying agents, so when you see organic on our packaging, it means organic. 
  • Skin Health: Organic skincare works for various skin types, including sensitive, oily, and dry,  providing broad-spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. 
  • Preventing Skin Damage: Organic sunscreen helps prevent skin damage, as well as reduces the  risk of skin cancer and allergic reactions associated with harmful UV rays. 
  • Sustainability: Choosing organic skincare is a sustainable choice for both your skin and the Earth. 

Incorporating organic skincare, especially organic sunscreen, into your daily routine protects  your skin against sun exposure, harmful UV radiation, and potentially harmful chemicals found  in conventional sunscreen ingredients. Plus, it not only prioritizes your skin's health, but also the  overall health of our environment. 


How COOLA is here for you, your skin, and the environment 

At COOLA, we believe that our everyday choices, including what we put on our skin, are deeply  connected to the earth. Because of this, we've coined the term "Farm-to-Face," a philosophy that guides our every decision. We know the origins of our ingredients and their impact,  allowing us to make choices that align with our mission: delivering healthier products for you  and the environment. We’re dedicated to creating formulas for various skin types, including  sensitive skin, oily skin, and dry skin, while offering broad-spectrum protection against sun  damage—setting us apart from conventional sunscreens with harmful additives.  

When considering what to look for in a sunscreen, it's essential to seek out ingredients that are  safe for both your skin and the environment. We take care to create the healthiest, best-feeling  suncare products available, including mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide (also known as physical  sunscreen), chemical sunscreen without Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, and bestsellers like our  

SPF spray and lip sunscreen—so you can find the perfect sun protection formula for you. 

Olivia Savidan