Doing Good. Feeling Great.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride these past few years. The ups and downs of the world have left plenty of us struggling, feeling stressed out, and downright discouraged.

COOLA was founded because we wanted to bring more health and joy into people’s lives. Our mission is making healthy products that are good for you, have great ingredients, and are delightful to use because being happy is a part of being healthy. To that end, we want to do our part to bring more positivity into the lives of everyone—so we are inviting you to do more good for yourself and those around you.

So let’s spread that sunshine together! We invite you to #DoGoodWithCOOLA because we believe that love and light will counteract all the bad vibes out there. And plus, doing good will not only have a ripple effect in bringing more joy to those around us, but will also be good for your health. There are so many ways to do good, but we don’t need to overcomplicate it! Let’s inspire and celebrate the simple things. It all starts with you. We all have the ability to bring more positivity into the world—starting with ourselves.

For yourself:



  • Get outside in the sun—soak in that Vitamin D, baby!
  • Move your body—maybe a quick walk about the block or an invigorating run
  • Get restful sleep—it really recharges your battery
  • Eat healthy meals—fuel yourself with good-for-you grub


  • Make time for activities that mentally stimulate—maybe learning a new language or tackling a tricky puzzle
  • Take some time off—even if it is just saying no to plans you aren’t pumped about
  • Remove stressors from your life—if it doesn’t bring you joy, can you let it go?



  • Reflect on the past—where you’ve come from and where you want to go
  • Journal—putting your thoughts on paper can be so cathartic
  • Meditate—spend time just being still, solo, or quiet
  • Practice gratitude—there is so much to be thankful for both large and small
  • Stretch it out—take a break for a yoga class or mini flow to reset yourself


  • Spread positivity with encouraging notes of affirmation to those in your life and around you—it could be as quick as a text to a friend
  • Engage in an act of service for someone—buy a coffee for a stranger, flowers for a friend, or take a walk with someone to catch up
  • Donate gently used clothing or books to those in need
  • Support local businesses by shopping at a local Farmer’s Market
  • Volunteer with a local organisation that you are passionate about


Here’s to sharing more love, positivity, and health in the coming months. Ready, set, do good with COOLA!

Coola NZ