It's difficult in this modern day to decipher what exactly is in your sunscreen products and if they are impacting the environment as well as your skin.

Lucky for you, we here at COOLA are dedicated to educating you about what should and shouldn't be in the suncare that you purchase.

Starting with Oxybenzone. Why?



Whatever is on our skin, ends up in the ocean. So every time we run over that hot sand to dive through the waves, our sunscreen, makeup, moisturisers, even deodorants are seeping into the sea. Since New Zealand has a pretty deviant (basically non-existent) ozone layer, we tend to lather up when it comes to sunscreen which expedites the level of harmful chemicals that are floating along to coral reefs. 


Our beloved coral reefs, home to vibrant, colourful fish around the world are being poisoned and turning white as a result of dying from Oxybenzone poisoning. Oxybenzone specifically aggravates coral, causing it to exude its natural nutrients and minerals (aka algae), providing a hazardous and desolate environment for the marine life, harming their population. 

This means that generations to come will be without knowing the joys of observing the earth's gorgeous marine wildlife in its natural habitat, not to mention the lack of protection for cities and towns around the world that rely on coral reefs for a natural barrier. 



Unfortunately, Oxybenzone has been an active and impactful chemical attacking our reefs for years to the point where countries such as Mexico and Australia have banned products that contain Oxybenzone, providing sachets of eco-friendly and reef-saving suncare products on local beaches. 

Oxybenzone has been rated as a moderately high health hazard by the Environmental Working Group as it is the most commonly detected chemical in marine water samples and is considered a major marine hazard.

Thankfully, we here at COOLA recognise the impact Oxybenzone has on the environment so ensure our suncare products are reef friendly!

Not only do our suncare products contain no Oxybenzone, but are also free of nanoparticles and parabens that can also be harmful to marine life and the health of the ocean. 

You can safely shop COOLA products, knowing that they are not going to engage in the death of our coral reefs and that they are also going to nourish your skin with rich, natural ingredients that are organic where possible. 

You're welcome! 

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