How long do you spend a day staring at a screen?

Did you know that all that screen time can have a negative impact on your skin? Digital smart skincare is just as important as suncare, and we’ve got a range of products that make staying protected both indoors and out super easy.

Firstly, what’s the big deal about blue light?

We can’t see every form of light, but the ones we can see are called visible light. Blue light is one of these - and it has a short wavelength, meaning it gives off a bunch of energy. But unfortunately, it’s not the kind we want. Blue light can actually reach deeper into the skin than UVA and UVB rays and has the power to pass through both the epidermal and dermal layers. It can contribute to skin ageing and skin cancer, and it causes damage to the cells that produce melanin (the pigment in the skin that helps protect against UV light).

Scary stuff, huh?

Luckily our full spectrum products act as a safeguard for your skin to protect you from all this digital pollution - and they’ve all got SPF too, to keep you protected when you venture away from your screen too!

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