We love the Paris Georgia brand!

A contemporary ready to wear label – the brands 90s slip dresses have earned them cult-like status. You’ll see this talented duo gracing the pages of Vogue America, Vogue Australia, Elle UK to name but a few. Launching the new season SS19 Collection this week (29 March).   Check it out here

We had a quick catch up with Paris Mitchell Temple - NZ born fashion stylist and designer,  one half of the very talented Paris Georgia Brand and possibly the most stylish COOLA Fan!!

What influenced your decision to come home from your successful career in New York and continue your journey back in NZ?

Family – nothing is more important. New York will always be there and I’m lucky that our business allows me to travel there for work each year.

Paris Georgia, your label, can you talk us through the evolution and what your aspirations are for the brand.

Georgia and I arrived home in New Zealand around the same time. We’d always imagined starting a business together and the timing felt right. Our business grew faster than expected, getting picked up by a New York based agency that believed in us really pushed things forward. With Australia and the US being our biggest market we want to lift our presence here in New Zealand – that’s a big goal for us this year – amongst many others!

What are your thoughts on how to still look super stylish while working on a thrifty budget?

You can create the chicest look on a strict budget – I’m a huge fan of vintage. Money can’t buy you style after all. 

Family is obviously a big influence and part of your life – did you ever get given any advice from your mama about looking after your skin?

My beautiful Mum has the most incredible skin. Mum always taught me to moisturise. She didn’t have a strict regime, I just remember growing up there would be different moisturiser bottles everywhere – the car, the kitchen, various handbags, I think I’ve even caught her using hand cream on her face! She taught me to keep my face out of the sun since a young age, I treasure this advice and couldn’t recommend it more. 

Your wedding was featured in Vogue Australia did your daily health and beauty routine change at all when prepping for your big day?

I experienced an SRS treatment during the lead up to our wedding.  SRS, is a soothing, relaxing treatment that targets the underlying problems associated with ageing skin and scarring. The technology, works to stimulate cell renewal, activating neo-collagen production, toning sagging muscles and adding elasticity to the skin. I found my skin feeling firmer and fuller.

What is the most important thing to you when looking after your skin?

The past few years my skin regime has become all about sunblock, and not just at the beach. I make sure my tinted moisturisers and foundations all have at least SPF 15 in them. My staple sunsceen is the COOLA Classic Face Cucumber Sunscreen and my favourite COOLA product has to be my COOLA Mineral Rosilliance BB Cream.

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