Happy November 1st COOLA babes! Yes that means you can now pack up your Halloween decorations and start playing the Michael Bublé Christmas album on repeat (we already have). But do you know what else? You can also celebrate November as World Vegan Month! *Crack open a bottle of celebratory Kombucha* 

The team here at COOLA are absolute advocates of vegans and vegan-friendly products and what that means in terms of supporting our furry (or scaly, or feathery – we're not fussy) critters as well as the environment. We are so proud that the ingredients used in our suncare products are 70%+ certified organic, eco-friendly and locally sourced - in addition to being vegan-friendly 

If you're wanting to go vegan or support the vegan community, one of the best ways to start is with the products you use on your skin. Luckily our suncare products have got you covered – both vegan-wise and in the sun 🙂  

We do get asked which of our products are vegan-friendly – so we've included a handy list down below for you to browse through! And of course, all our products are cruelty-free <3 

Note – If you do not see one of your favourite products on this list, it may not be considered vegan-friendly due to certain ingredients such as beeswax. If you have any questions regarding particular ingredients in your product, please reach out to us at social@beautycare.co.nz or get in touch via our social channels. 

Happy Sun Blocking! 


Now, onto the list of our vegan-friendly suncare products!

Mineral Face Matte Cucumber SPF30 

Mineral Face Unscented Matte Tint SPF30 

Mineral Face Rose Essence Tint SPF20 

Mineral Sport Citrus Mimosa SPF30 

Dawn Patrol Classic Primer SPF30

Mineral Makeup Unscented Primer SPF30 

Makeup Setting Spray SPF30 

Classic Face Cucumber Moisturiser SPF30 

Classic Face Unscented Moisturiser SPF30 

Classic Face Sport White Tea SPF50 

Classic Body Plumeria Moisturiser SPF30 

Classic Body Spray Piña Colada SPF30 

Classic Body Spray Citrus Mimosa SPF30 

Classic Body Spray Unscented SPF30 

Classic Body Spray Tropical Coconut SPF30 

Classic Sport Spray Unscented SPF50 

Classic Sport Spray Guava Mango SPF50 

Rosilliance BB+ cream SPF30 Light/Medium 

Rosilliance BB+ cream SPF30 Medium/Dark 


In addition, our COOLA pre and post Skin Care line, Environmental Repair+, is an Eco-Certified, vegan-friendly range. 

If you have any product questions please feel free to drop us a line at social@beautycare.co.nz! We are always happy to chat about everything suncare 

You can see more of our eco-cool details here!

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