Winter has definitely kicked in, and with border restrictions in place, this year we can’t escape the cold weather so we might as well make the most of it! Whether you’re rugging up and staying in place or escaping to the ski fields down south, here’s just a few of our favourite Coola winter essentials to keep you protected and looking flawless over the chilly season.

Classic Face Sunscreen
Even though the sun might not be visible and we might not be feeling the warmth of it, that doesn’t mean that you can forget about your SPF. Sunlight actually reflects off snow and can intensify, making you highly susceptible to burning even when you’re snowboarding this winter. Our SPF50 Face Sunscreen is designed to not only protect, but also keep your skin nourished and hydrated. It’s also made using antioxidant-rich plant protection and available in either Fragrance Free or a delicious White Tea scent.

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Liplux Organic Lip Balm
Dry, chapped lips are common in the winter air. Your lips lose moisture just like your skin, and it’s important to keep them protected - especially if you’re spending a lot of time skiing the slopes in the snow. Our Liplux lip balms not only nourish your lips with an infusion of raspberry and avocado butter, but they also have SPF30 protection. 
Mineral Sun Silk Moisturizer
It’s so important over the winter months to keep your skin moisturised. The combination of cold dry air or even sitting next to the heat pump all day can leave your skin dry and flaky and can really ruin that healthy glow. Our Sun Silk Moisturiser may be one of the newest members of the Coola family, but this ultra-hydrating cream is an absolute must-have over the colder months. It works great as a daily moisturiser and offers broad spectrum protection as well as blue light protection - so it keeps you covered even if you’re spending your winter cozied up with your laptop watching Netflix. It’s also sheer and lightweight - so your skin will stay hydrated without feeling weighed down, and can be worn alone or worn under your favourite makeup.

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