Look for this seal on COOLA products ensuring that they are made with 70%+ certified organic ingredients. COOLA formulates with the freshest ingredients to ensure the most biodynamic results, free from pesticides and other nasty bi-products. We seek to use ingredients that are sourced responsibly, using eco-friendly extraction and harvesting methods.


We believe in formulating our products with certified organic and non-GMO ingredients that follow sustainable farming practices, support local communities, and reduce the usage of pesticides that contaminate our bodies, waterways, and environment.


We harness the power of plant cell actives to nourish and support healthy skin. It’s part of our commitment to using naturally effective and sustainably-sourced ingredients to achieve superior results organically.

All of our fragrances are also 100% natural, with all constituents extracted from plant sources. We do not use any synthetic fragrances in any of our products.


We love animals! In fact, we have a dog friendly office! We have teamed up with PETA to support our similar interests in protecting our four legged friends and critters of all shapes and sizes.


All of our products are infused with powerful antioxidants that help fight free radicals, such as Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Linseed Oil Extract, Cocoa Seed Extract, Buriti Oil, and Prickly Pear Extract. 


Catching your flight is stressful enough without having to worry about your sunscreen getting left behind. Look for this logo on COOLA's approved TSA sized products, and only worry yourself with what line to choose.


At COOLA we believe in recycling and composting whatever we can! We are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact, in fact, this year our tubes use 30% less plastic! Now that deserves a high five!

As part of our efforts to reduce plastic and our carbon footprint, all of our tubes are made of sustainably sourced sugar-cane resin, which is 100% recyclable. We also use glass as much as we can, and in fact, the majority of our bottles and jars - over 80% - are made of glass. Plastic is used mainly when needed for the safety and functionality of the product, in which case we strive to use the most eco-friendly options available.

All of our secondary packaging is made of post-consumer recycled paper. We have also taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint by transitioning to packaging that can be flat-packed. Over 75% of our packaging is fully recyclable, with the goal of making our packaging 100% recyclable by 2023.