Meet Sarah Tanner, A mum, and self-taught plant-based cook, as well as the author of her self-published cookbook GLO, which features dozens of easy organic and veggie-rich recipes.  Sarah is a passionate advocate for a plant-based life, nutrition and is always looking for ways to share the inspiration with others.  We found Sarah via her Instagram account @sarahtannernz she shares her love of organics, whole food, lifestyle and vitality tips in such a way that we are hooked on watching her quick tip videos. 


We love your @sarahtannernz Instagram feed! What inspired you to get started? 

To help people be “a little more vegan”.  I like to keep my vision fun, achievable and contemporary by being a rule-breaker and change-maker of how people perceive veganism. I do this through recipes, videos and tips and tricks of what have worked for me. 


How has motherhood changed the way you cook and develop recipes? where do you draw your inspiration from when re-creating new content? 

It has made me become a master of disguise! As Stella gets older she is more resistant to things she once loved. Anything green or a visible leaf is out. I’ve found that cacao powder (chocolate) is a great way to hide greens powders. Raw chocolate treats can have a teaspoon of spirulina added and she’s none the wiser! It’s also a great lesson to remember that as soon as people hear the word vegan, they get turned off. So, just like with Stella, for adults, I go for recipes with great flavours, and visibly beautiful, rather than harping on about why I don’t use meat etc. I draw inspo from Instagram mainly, and Donna Hay is my absolute guru for food styling and photography! My goal is to become the vegan version of her! 


How do you juggle the work-life balance with family? 

I have an amazing husband and mum and dad to support me and my vision. Only having one child, is not a drastic balance. I think a lot of it is my head, and I’m in control of what I take on these days, so I can squeeze as much as possible into the hours she’s at school, and once she’s gone to bed. I live and breathe what I do, so really I don’t seek an escape from it. I’m cooking and creating all the time, so I just love to record it and share! 


Sarah Tanner Plant based cooking


What is the best thing about being a mother? 

I’m not sure where to start! Having Stella was the best day ever, she is such a treasure. I think the best thing is that whatever I learn/do/become is a message that I pass on to her. She learns by example, and although some days can feel really tough, she is always watching and listening, so how I respond and step up in my life is something that she is taking on board, as well as seeing the highs and the lows. I never give up, and I have unlimited belief in myself and what I do. I think that’s something we overlook as parents. We are our kids’ ultimate life teachers. That’s pretty cool, because it makes us responsible for our life experience, just as we want our kids to be. 


What is the hardest thing about being a mother? 

Probably the same answer as above! Being self-aware and fully responsible for our life experience can be hard. It’s so easy and often feels quite delicious to be the blamer and complainer, but it’s such a cop-out. Absolutely everything we feel and think is an internal physicality, so, as individuals, we can control our experience of any experience! I try to explain this to Stella, and yep, it’s tough, especially when I roll around whining and whining sometimes. I only hope she can learn and develop these skills/mindset earlier and stronger than I did. 


What is one piece of advice you’d give to a new mum? 

Try not to push your beliefs on them. Whilst I am vegan, I don’t expect Stella to be. This might sound a little odd, however, I’m certain that she will make her own decisions when she is old enough to do so. By putting their thought processes into a rule box is not fair. Sure, protect them from harm, however, they need to learn and form their own findings too, otherwise, we will never evolve as humans! Life comes from experience, not from being told what to do and following the norm. 


What is your little family tradition e.g. Pancakes every Sunday morning...? 

We don’t really have anything that is super regular. Making a smoothie for the 3 of us is something we love on a lazy morning. Generally a berry one for Stella and a green one for Jasper and I. 


What is one thing that you wouldn’t do for your kids? 

Ummmmm, roast a lamb?! Kind of contradicts what I said above, but I’ve never been a fan of handling raw meat. I honestly can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do for Stella…as long as I couldn’t end up in jail or hurt anyone, including myself, then she’s got me wrapped! 


What is your ultimate indulgence—how do you pamper yourself? 

Yoga or a walk in Cornwall Park. I always feel so much better for it afterward. 


What does your skincare routine look like? Products you can’t live without? 

My regime is super basic. I cleanse with almond oil and to moisturise, I love Weleda Skinfood, I use that morning and night. When I need an extra boost I love Hunt Skincare Daily Face Oil. And lately, I’ve become obsessed with Coola BB cream

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